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    All BDIC schools are required to collect this information. We will never abuse or sell your information to anyone else.

    If you received a letter from the Michigan Department of State (DOS) notifying you of your eligibility to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC), then this is the program for you! By completing our BDIC, you are given the opportunity to avoid points on your record and increases in your insurance premiums.

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    Did you receive a notice of eligibility letter from the Michigan Department of State (DOS) allowing you to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course?

  • Policies and Procedures

    Completion Requirements

    The student must complete all four sections of the course and achieve a passing score on the final examination in order to receive credit for completing the class, whereupon we will issue the student a certificate of completion.


    The Secretary of State will notify you if you are eligible to take the BDIC course. We certify that our program is an approved Basic Driver Improvement Course in the state of Michigan, but it is up to you to determine the requirements of your court of jurisdiction.


    In order to participate in this BDIC, the student must pay a tuition fee of $32.95. This fee is separate from any other fees that may be owed to the court or governing body.

    Time Requirements

    The Michigan Department of State mandates the BDIC course to a minimum four hours of study before the first attempt to pass the final test.To ensure the time requirement is met, the student will be unable to proceed to the next course section until the allotted time has elapsed. The student may log on and off the program at anytime, but he/she must meet minimum time requirements.

    Student Conduct

    The student shall not bypass or circumvent any section of the assigned curriculum, and he/she shall not accept outside assistance, with the exception of technical support administered by the provider. If the course circumvention is of a malicious and damaging nature to the provider or any member of the public and/or a student, the provider may pursue legal action to the full extent of the law.


    We collect only that information that is required of all Basic Driver Improvement Courses in Michigan and/or necessary to administer the course. This information is stored on a secure, encrypted server for a duration up to two years, and it is not shared with any third party. No financial information is ever stored on our server.


    The student is entitled to a full refund until they start the course, after which point they will not be entitled to any refund except in special circumstances at our discretion.


    Technology sometimes misbehaves. We will do our best to maintain a consistent, reliable experience for the student, but if some unforeseen issue arises on our end that makes it impossible for the student to proceed through the course (a server outage, for instance), we will do our best to resolve the situation as quickly and fairly as possible.

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